3 Fresh Music Ideas for Your Festive Season Events

We know, it’s only October, but chances are, you are already deep into planning for your company’s festive season event. When it comes to hosting a stellar party, having the right music and entertainment is crucial. To help you out, we’re sharing three innovative ideas to elevate your festive season events using music.

1) Crowdsource your playlists – Festive season events are all about showing appreciation for your people, and music plays a big role in this celebration. Consider including your people in the music selection. The music will more accurately represent them, they will feel more appreciated, not to mention, they will carry a deeper sense of pride in the event. Seek their input ahead of time through channels like Spotify, or have them contribute suggestions during the event. The important thing is to incorporate music that celebrates them.

2) Play up the past – The festive season is built on nostalgia, and nothing ties us to the past or brings us together quite like music. This year, consider a musical theme for your event that draws on a particular era of timeless classics. From 1930’s Jazz, to 1950’s Rock, to 1980’s Pop, make an emotional impact, and create a setting for your employees to truly connect. Most of all, create an environment that takes them out of the everyday work mode and puts them in a festive mood.

3) Make it interactive – If you’re really looking to make your festive season event memorable, allow attendees to actively participate in the creation of the music. Not only will they have a blast, research shows that creating music stimulates our brains well beyond the act of listening [source: Anita Collins, TED]. Perhaps without going as far as hosting an open mic at your next party (although that could be a lot of fun too), consider adding an interactive program to the evening’s entertainment, such as a Live Band Karaoke hour or a Lip Sync Battle. And for the ultimate rockstar team experience, there’s SongDivision’s world-famous Song Slam! You’ll make a memorable impact, and best of all, you’ll get people into the festive spirit.

Check out the following video of Redken enjoying a festive season Song Slam for 300 attendees in New York.


For help creating these and countless other musical experiences for your festive season events, look to SongDivision for your corporate entertainment needs. Our House Bands provide the ideal soundtrack and set the mood, while our Cover Bands play the hits just like your very own live jukebox. Need help selecting the right set of tunes? We can curate Playlists exclusively for your event to ensure your music makes the desired impact.

Don’t forget, if you plan to play music at your event, you’ll need to have the proper Licenses from performing rights organizations. We can help with these too.


Let’s talk about innovative ways to elevate your festive season events using music.
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