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Culture Club:
Music-Fueled Learning & Development

Smart businesses know that developing a strong company culture comes down to understanding human behavior. Layer in today’s many workplace challenges involving engagement, productivity, mental health, diversity and inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety, and you’re going to need a comprehensive professional development program to help you stay on course.

It’s time to join the Club! SongDivision’s Culture Club is a corporate learning & development platform using highly interactive (and always fun) musical experiences. Each music-driven series is underpinned with the latest research in behavioral sciences and is supported by measured results to boost engagement, drive innovation and productivity, and create deep ties between your people and your purpose.

High Notes

Music-Anchors Learning. Experiencing music in an educational setting is proven to heighten emotion and engagement, stimulate curiosity, and inspire lasting recall. It’s for these reasons that music anchors the learning for each of our Culture Club tracks.

Scientifically Underpinned. Each track has been developed in partnership with Synaptic Potential — experts in neuroscientific people development — and backed by the most current behavioral research.

Like Musicians, Your People Need to Practice. Great musicians strive to reach their full potential by constantly honing their craft. Our year-round programs instill this same dedication within your people.

Measured Results. We collect data throughout each track, providing you with statistically sound results to show your team’s development and make you look good.

Major Credits. SongDivision musicians have over 2 decades of experience engaging teams and developing corporate culture for Fortune 500s in over 30 countries — not to mention performing with the biggest A-list musicians on the planet.


Get On Track

Each of our learning and development tracks are music-driven, scientifically-backed, and custom designed to meet your timing and cultural goals. These multi-session experiences are sequenced throughout the year and can be delivered virtually, in-person, or hybrid to suit your needs. Select the track below that fits your corporate learning & development needs and start rockin’ your company culture today!

Leadership Track

Develop dynamic leaders within your company while boosting team engagement and performance using scientifically-backed, music-driven leadership training.

Group Size: Any 
Duration: 6 x 90 min. sessions 
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Learning that Sticks

SongDivision’s use of interactive musical experiences to reinforce learnings is based on proven research linking music to long-term retention and recall of information, ensuring that your team’s development will be sustained well into the future.


Measured Results

With quantitative data collected throughout each Culture Club track, you’ll not only see your team’s improvement, but also have the stats to back it up.


Smarter Teams, Stronger Culture

Each Culture Club track is designed around the very latest in behavioral research, giving your teams the edge when it comes to building engaged, productive workplaces. As engagement and productivity grow, you’ll see stronger alignment with company values and a dramatic improvement in overall culture.

Select Works

Autodesk + Culture Club & Entertainment

Rolls-Royce + Rockin’ Reception

PwC + Virtual Happy Hour

IMEX + Energy & Well-Being Breaks

Freeman + Remote Team Anthem

Hard Rock (EMEA) + Remote Team Anthem

MPI Netherlands + Get Along with a Song

PepsiCo + Virtual Custom Song