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You are welcome to use any of the following playlists at your events, or simply to inspire you and provide a taste of what we can do. We can also help you acquire the appropriate usage licenses. Connect with us to incorporate the right music into your next meeting or event.


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Walk On/Walk Offs

Get your event pumped with this mix of songs for your biggest gatherings. We've included a variety of hits you know and tunes that will make your event stand out from the rest.

Dance Party - Top 40

We're keeping up with the latest chart toppers in this Top 40 playlist. Get everyone dancing at a gala dinner or opening party with the most popular songs on the radio today.

Morning Wake Up!

The right amount of musical energy to get your meeting started and the ideas flowing.

Cocktail Parties - Modern - Mellow

Smooth sounds that will enhance your event without being a distraction.

Cocktail Parties - Modern - Upbeat

Add some energy to your next cocktail party with a playlist designed to bring the power of music to any networking reception.

Mindful Meetings

Take time to be mindful with these songs designed to keep you focused and in the moment.

Modern Country Hits

Country hits from the last few years plus a few party classics. Great for karaoke, tailgating and corporate events. Country fans will love them and everyone will enjoy this popular mix.

Fashionable Favs

This fresh, fun playlist features International pop music with sprinklings of Australia & Asia's best independent talent.

Valentine's Day

An untraditional mix of romantic songs to share with a loved one or at a wedding where the bride or groom wants something different.

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Please enjoy our playlist of a few Irish favourites that will get your party started in the finest way… to be sure, to be sure...


In the decade where rock & roll made its marks this playlst is perfect for a 1950s themed event and will make you shake, rattle and roll.


You'll have a whole lotta love for our 1960s event playlist. Often considered the best decade for music, this playlist features some of the greatest tunes from the 1960s.


Get your platform shoes ready. This 1970s playlist goes well with bell-bottoms and a disco ball. Many of the artists featured here are still selling out arenas 40 years later.


Girls (and Guys) will just wanna have fun listening to a mix of hits from the 1980s. Play this 1980s all night long at your next event.

The 1990s

In addition to AOL and mainstream email, the 90s brought us a wide variety of music from Teen Pop to Hip Hop to Grunge. Our 90s event playlist has something for everyone.

The 2000s

Like the former decade, music of the 2000s was diverse. We gotta feelin' you'll be crazy in love with this event playlist that takes us back just a few years.

The 2010s

There are often blurred lines between decades. Our 2010s event playlist features some of the best songs from recent musical history.