A-List Talent Booking

The biggest names for your biggest events

Sometimes your event calls for something special to excite audiences and drive home your purpose. SongDivision works with the biggest stars in the music and entertainment industries to ensure your largest events, conferences, and major fundraising galas have the very best A-List artists to compliment your brand, draw a crowd and keep them engaged. Our experienced talent agents navigate the booking process for you and negotiate the best rates in cities worldwide including Sydney, Las Vegas, New York, London, and Singapore. Take a spin through our artist list below and let SongDivision elevate your next event with A-List Talent.


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do we need to book A-List Talent?

The large majority of currently active, touring artists will begin to book future dates anywhere from 8-12 months in advance, but a lot of this will depend on their album/single release schedule, public appearances and other factors. Booking talent for your corporate event should follow the same rule of thumb. Starting at least eight months out, you should begin sourcing possible artists and honing in on your short list.

What fees are involved in booking headline talent?

A-list talent fees range from $50K to over $1 million. Artists require a set ‘artist fee’, plus all related expenses to be covered by the end client. These expenses include airfare from their point of origin, accommodations, local ground transportation, meals and production.

We will help to negotiate the ‘asking fee’, which is arrived at during the initial talks with the artist’s responsible agent. At the end of the day, the ‘asking fee’ is just that…an ask. Kind of like purchasing a home, you are free to submit a firm offer for any amount (as long as it’s not offensive - that’s not recommended), and the artist will consider it and accept it or not. Once it’s accepted, the offer will be binding.

What is a Rider?

In addition to the numbers, there is going to be a detailed list of conditions that your artist will require to be included in your offer. This is called the rider, and it needs to be treated very seriously and examined thoroughly before a firm offer is submitted to the artist. If your offer is accepted by the artist, you are bound to it, and approval of the rider is part of that agreement.

Riders are usually broken into two sections - hospitality and technical. Hospitality requirements deal with travel, backstage, hotel, meals, etc. Technical requirements deal with production elements like staging, lighting and sound. Many rider elements are negotiable and can be modified if necessary.

How Do I Schedule a Meet and Greet?

Like everything that goes into a contract, meet and greets are negotiable. You can ask for whatever you’d like - just don’t expect the artists to agree to everything on your list. Typically, requests like VIP meet-and-greets and photo ops need to be submitted as part of the firm offer. An artist can accept your offer, minus the extra asks like an autograph session, or they might agree to it all. Safe to say though, you stand a better chance of it being agreed to if you include it in the original offer.