A-List Talent

Book the best for your biggest events

Whether virtual, hybrid or in-person, sometimes your event calls for something special to excite audiences and drive home your purpose. SongDivision works with internationally renowned music superstars to ensure your largest events, conferences and major fundraising galas have the very best in entertainment, while drawing a crowd and keeping them engaged. However, before booking an A-Lister there are some important things to know.


Things to know:

  • Know who you want. Have a shortlist ready of 3-5 artists that fit your event. You’ll burn costly hours asking an agency to call around looking for willing artists.
  • Come with a budget. On average, bottom of the A-List starts at $100K, and no, you won’t get Bruno, Katy, Justin or Adam for that price (not even for virtual) — your biggest stars command 7 figures comfortably. And if you have to ask, it only goes up higher. Come in with a firm budget and stick to it.
  • Have your details in order. Knowing the exact day, time, length, content, attendance, and expectations clearly frames up the offer for the artist and gives you greater leverage when negotiating.
  • Get ready for a marathon. It’s a negotiation, not a purchase. Locking in an A-List artist takes time and patience — often several months of communications, and a majority of these negotiations end up falling through.
  • Don’t forget the rider. In addition to a booking fee, most artists have a list of conditions you’ll need to meet. We’re not saying you’ll be sorting out a jar of green M&Ms, but we’re not saying you won’t.
  • You can’t please everyone. You’ll rarely get an artist that all attendees love, and those that don’t will wonder why you spent all that money on a performer and not something more beneficial to them.
  • All about the artist. Booking an A-Lister sounds exciting, but often it comes at the cost of making your event all about the artist rather than your people.


If you’ve still got your heart set on booking an A-List artist, SongDivision can connect you with today’s leading agencies worldwide to help you navigate the booking process and negotiate a top-class deal. Alternatively, you can book an interactive musical experience with SongDivision and unite your people like never before!

SongDivision’s Programs Include:

  • World-class rock stars who have performed with renowned artists like David Bowie, Cher, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and more!
  • Interactive musical experiences focused on your purpose, event goals and people
  • Music’s proven ability to form emotional connections and strengthen social bonds
  • Fully-produced musical entertainment and team bonding programs at a fraction of the cost of an A-List artist
  • Minimal logistics
  • Custom musical experience delivered with energy and excitement to ensure your people have the time of their lives