Culture Club

Transformative experiences through music

Powerful things happen when your teams unite around your purpose. Our Culture Club program is specifically designed to capture the voice of your teams and communicate key messaging outside of the traditional conference and events space. These custom songwriting programs take place over a series of sessions, inspiring your people to become ambassadors for the company’s purpose and core values, while developing a dynamic company culture.

Through music-fueled working sessions, SongDivision helps you express and align teams around your purpose and core values in an energetic, creative setting using songwriting. The result is a more integrated culture and consistent delivery of your brand across the company.


  • Concept Album – Write a series of songs with your teams to collectively express a particular theme or idea.
  • Musical – Write a series of songs with your teams that build on one another to tell a greater story about your company.
  • Tune-Ups – Songwriting sessions with your teams to build-up to a larger conference. Distill ideas and capture the voice of your company through music, which can be arranged into a Custom Song or used to inspire a Team Anthem at your conference.


  • Establishes a collaborative culture
  • Inspires accountability to and alignment with the company
  • Increases pride and morale
  • Conveys a more compelling value proposition to clients


How it works

We begin by understanding your communication needs and timing. Next, we design a custom program whereby we meet with your designated teams to: 1) identify how your purpose translates uniquely to them, and 2) articulate their words into original songs. This gives your teams the opportunity to deeply connect with your messaging over one or a series of sessions and allows for an impactful experience.

Creation of the music is only half of the story. The songs your teams write can be shared in a number of ways. Our musicians can professionally record each track and deliver a completed album commemorating the work and providing you with a polished masterpiece to share throughout your company. Or, with our VIP Studio Experience, we can directly record your teams performing their songs alongside our musicians in a world-class studio!

To achieve this same impact in a live setting, use these sessions as a lead up to an energetic sales kick-off or annual conference. When the day of your event arrives, we continue to build on the experience by bringing your entire company together with our Team Anthem or Song Slam, both of which are designed to capture the collective understanding of your messaging through songwriting and performance. Your teams will return to work motivated, with a clear sense of purpose, and ready to deliver the best possible results for the company. Best of all, no musical experience is required for our programming.


“Everyone enjoyed the experience – the feedback given so far is fantastically positive. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your upbeat team and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

★★★★★ – Hewlett Packard


“Your team of musicians and facilitators skillfully guided us through an outstanding team building activity. The magnificent energy generated in that room of leaders was unforgettable! I feel I have not only gained a trusted partner, but great friends as well.”

★★★★★ – Siemens



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