Culture Club

Year-Round Team Building Using Music

Smart businesses know that team building is a journey, not a destination. Layer in today’s many workplace challenges involving engagement, productivity, mental health, diversity, inclusion, bonding, happiness and well-being, and you’re gonna need a comprehensive team building program to help you stay on course.

It’s time to join the Club! SongDivision’s Culture Club is a year-round team building program that uses highly interactive (and always fun!) musical experiences to strengthen relationships, boost morale and create deep ties between your people and your purpose.

How Does It Work?

Simple. Your teams write hit songs and engage musically around your company purpose and core values with our world-class musicians. The science of music does the rest, increasing levels of oxytocin (linked to bonding and trust) and dopamine (linked to happiness, motivation and engagement). Your team building is covered for the year, and you look like a rock star!

The Culture Club’s exclusive process not only pairs your teams with renowned musicians — who have performed with David Bowie, Cher, John Legend, Katy Perry and more — but also engages them with SongDivision’s most requested virtual, hybrid and in-person team building experiences. Custom programs are tailored to your needs and require no musical experience whatsoever. 

A Typical Year In the Club

While every Culture Club team building experience is completely unique and custom designed to your needs, a typical year in the Club might look like this:

  • Q1: Kickoff Happy Hour — Come Together, Have Fun, Build Excitement
  • Q2: Energy & Well-Being Tune Up — Focus, De-Stress, Be Present in the Moment
  • Q3: Team Anthem — Strengthen Relationships, Create Alignment, Build Trust
  • Q4: End-Of-Year Celebration — Celebrate, Reminisce, Inspire


A company huddle like no other, SongDivision’s acclaimed Musical Happy Hours offer fast-paced musical entertainment and collaborative songwriting sessions with a production value to rival TVs ‘late night’ shows.

  • Have real fun with colleagues (yes, even on Zoom!)
  • Incorporate your annual goals in a playful way to ensure the entire team knows the year’s priorities
  • Get acquainted with your SongDivision musicians — your personal guides throughout your Culture Club journey
  • Get your team pumped for your Q2 Culture Club event, as opposed to dreading another cheesy team building exercise



Musical experiences to balance mind and body, while aligning your team. These days, when it comes to performance, Fortune 500s place employee health and wellness at the top of their lists. SongDivision’s Energy & Well-Being Breaks are musical sessions that center your people, increase energy and improve productivity.

  • Find focus with guided breathing, meditation and soothing musical interactions to rejuvenate your team
  • Slow the hectic daily pace by encouraging your teams to relax, put deadlines aside and be present in the moment
  • Quiet the mind with the help of professional vocal coaches and performers who use musical solutions to overcome challenges with stress, anxiety, and confidence



Unite around your purpose with SongDivision’s award-winning Remote Team Anthem — an interactive songwriting session enabling your teams to write original hit songs expressing your company’s goals and core values, and setting your people up for success.

  • Celebrate your key messaging through your team’s words, style and chord choices
  • Build trust and strong bonds as you collaborate musically — increasing levels of oxytocin (yes, even online!)
  • Engage your people like never before as music boosts dopamine levels — increasing feelings of happiness and motivation
  • Inspire unforgettable memories with a song that forever ties your people to this moment and each other. Continue to use your Team Anthem at other company events throughout the year and onward
  • Our rock stars expertly record your track(s), making it sound incredible, as well as set it to a professionally produced video of your team creating it — a memento that will keep bringing your team back to what matters most



Celebrate the year’s achievements and connect with your team once more using music! SongDivision’s Rockin’ Reception is an all-in-one, interactive musical entertainment experience hosted by our renowned Musical MCs. From introductions and custom theme songs, to transitional content, charismatic awards presentations and celebratory entertainment, we’ll help you wrap up the year on a high note and get everyone pumped for next year!

  • Tie up the year’s journey with a big red musical bow
  • Celebrate your people and collective achievements
  • Outline your vision for next year and beyond
  • Revel in the fun and excitement as your people celebrate together — smiles beaming from ear to ear — as SongDivision plays you into another successful year
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Collaborative Culture. Experiencing music with others is scientifically proven to strengthen relationships and form lasting bonds — resulting in a deeply memorable experience that establishes teamwork and trust well beyond the event.

Accountability & Alignment. Focusing the musical theme on your purpose and core values enables teams to align with your company’s vision in a highly memorable way — clarifying accountability to the company and increasing overall productivity.

Flexibility & Efficiency. All of our programs are custom designed to fit your timing, themes, messaging and budget — not to mention we take the weight out of your annual planning and logistics. Culture Club enables you to lock in pricing for the year, protecting you from price increases due to high demand and limited capacity.

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Jack Morton + Virtual Happy Hour

Rolls-Royce + Rockin’ Reception

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IMEX + Energy & Well-Being Breaks

Freeman + Remote Team Anthem

Hard Rock (EMEA) + Remote Team Anthem

MPI Netherlands + Get Along with a Song