Energy & Well-Being Breaks

A Musical Break for the Soul

We have a lot on our shoulders these days. Team members are working longer hours than ever before, with fewer resources, and higher expectations. Not to mention the stresses of working remotely, managing family schedules, and uncertainty surrounding our health and social well-being. Your teams deserve a break, and music is one of the best ways to get your people centered, boost well-being, increase energy and improve productivity.

SongDivision’s Energy & Well-Being Breaks are like a hot cup of coffee (or tea) for the soul. In as little as 10 minutes (virtually or in-person), we take your team through proven techniques and tips to control the breath, activate sense of sound, collaborate through song and develop greater mindfulness. These well-being breaks are built upon the proven ability of music to increase happiness, stimulate memory and develop strong bonds.

Each ‘coffee’ break can be seamlessly programmed into your existing meeting or event schedule to provide attendees with a much needed energy lift. Whether you’re in need of 1 break or multiple, virtual or in-person, give your people the powerful recharge they need using music.




Proven Mindfulness

Music when experienced together is scientifically proven to increase feelings of happiness, stimulate memory and strengthen social bonds.

Custom Content

For meetings or events requiring multiple breaks, SongDivision can create custom well-being content that builds upon itself, focusing your team and developing a collective mindfulness throughout the program.

Global Rock Stars

Work with SongDivision’s world-class musicians, who have performed with leading artists such as Cher, Queen, Nile Rodgers and more!

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IMEX + Energy & Well-Being Breaks

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