Flash Mob

Team Building That Gets You On Your Feet

Picture every attendee at your conference dancing in unison to a song that ties into your event theme.  With a Flash Mob, our choreographers, who’ve worked with the biggest pop stars on the planet, will work with your team to create,  rehearse and perform a unique dance routine that is fun to do and fun to watch!

Whether it’s a team building event, celebration, or for use in a promotional video, Flash Mobs get everyone on their feet and moving together.

Song choice can tie into your meeting’s theme, or you can pair your Flash Mob with a SongDivision Custom Song or Team Anthem, and have everyone busting moves to a track written specifically for your company.

Like all SongDivision programs, the Flash Mob is designed to be flexible and fit into your event schedule.  Rehearsals can be done in as little as 15 minutes and can be broken up throughout the day – a great way to add some physical activity in between educational sessions.   

If marketing is your goal, we can source a location and video your session.Whatever you are trying to accomplish, we will take time to understand your needs during  our proven process, The SongDivision Way and develop a solution that helps meet your business and event goals. Make your next event better with music and moves!

Flash Mob