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Music-fueled talks to inspire audiences

Amplify your events with interactive keynotes and breakout sessions from SongDivision. We use music to convey powerful stories that inspire creativity, engage audiences, and unite teams around your purpose.

Whether capping an event with a defining message or enhancing a breakout session to build corporate culture, our experienced musicians and thought leaders expertly craft interactive talks that communicate your purpose while captivating audiences. In addition to conveying your specific objectives, these collaborative musical engagements can be further focused on Innovation, Leadership, and Cultural Transformation.

Connect with us to bring music and inspired thinking to your next event.


Keynote Topics


Creating a culture of innovation in your company relies on Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration. In this interactive and highly effective presentation, we use the songwriting process to illustrate these qualities while providing your teams with the knowledge they need to innovate and succeed.


Great leaders are keen observers of the world around them. Our Leadership Jams are designed to inspire your management teams on the importance of listening to the world around them in order to effectively engage and motivate their people. Taking cues from renowned bands, conductors, and producers, we translate leadership qualities that have led to lasting success in the music industry into effective management skills that produce highly profitable companies.


Leading change within an company requires dedication and patience, and getting everyone on board can be challenging. Our Transformation Jams draw upon musical inspiration to highlight effective change management strategies for successful businesses. These interactive presentations enable your management to lead with a clearly defined purpose that inspires employee association and fuels effective change.

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