Custom playlists to communicate your purpose

Music is a powerful component of effective storytelling, and when it comes to your events, the right song can make all the difference in creating an emotional impact.

SongDivision has extensive experience selecting music for events that emotionally engages guests and accentuates your purpose. Our very own DJ SugaRay expertly curates soundtracks to fit your every need from walk-up and transitional music, to background music and entertainment.

Connect with your audiences and make your next event the greatest yet with custom Playlists from SongDivision.

Got a license for that?

Did you know that for most events, Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, PRS and APRA require you to obtain the correct music licenses so that artists get paid appropriately for use of their music? This is true whether the music is being played by a live band, CD, mp3 or from a streaming service such as Spotify or Amazon Music. The good news is that SongDivision can help you obtain the right licenses to ensure you get the music you need to create an unforgettable event. To learn more, connect with one of our experts in Music Licensing for Events.

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