Team Building Hawaii

Unite your teams, Hawai’ian-style

Few destinations possess the ideal team building environment quite like Hawaii. The beauty and serenity of The Islands serve to re-energize your teams, while the family-centric culture provides the perfect backdrop in which to inspire unity among them. The Hawai’ian word ‘ohana’ stands for strong family bonds and cooperation, and nothing embodies this strength and collaboration better than Hawai’ian music.

SongDivision has provided music-fueled team building and entertainment across the Hawai’ian Islands since 2009, and it is home to our founders and Pacific headquarters. Our Team Building Hawaii program is specifically designed for your Hawai’ian meetings and events. In this unique experience, your teams write and perform original ukulele music with help from some of the best Hawai’ian musicians on the planet. No musical experience is required.

Your group will learn the rich history of the ukulele before getting exclusive hands-on lessons from renowned artists such as Makana, an internationally-recognized master of Slack Key guitar and TEDx presenter who has collaborated with artists such as Santana, Sting, Jason Mraz, Joe Walsh, Chris Isaak, Chris Botti, Elvis Costello, Common, Gotye, Jack Johnson, and many others.

With the support of our musicians, your teams will continue their ‘uke’ journey by breaking into groups and writing songs  (music and lyrics) using the chords they’ve learned. For the ultimate team bonding experience, they will then perform their songs in an all-out ukulele team battle backed by our world-class band. The performance can be a stand-alone program or the centerpiece of your gala dinner entertainment. Provide a Hawai’ian team building experience like no other that aligns seamlessly with the island culture, inspires your teams, and creates strong bonds for years to come.

Aloha from all of us at SongDivision!

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