The GMID Anthem

We forget blog posts. We forget PowerPoint slides. But we remember emotions. We remember how a person, place or event made us ‘feel.’

So to help celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day, SongDivision wanted to contribute an anthem that would capture how meeting professionals feel about their work and its incredible impact on people, businesses and communities. We wanted the song to communicate the key messages of GMID, whilst reflecting the love we all have for what we do. And we wanted to share that emotion with the world…

A bit fluffy you may think? Will a song really help our collective cause? Songs are used every day with great effect to increase brand awareness and drive sales of everything from Coca-Cola to Chanel. Songs have helped bring real change in the fight for human rights and against famine and disease. GMID combines both commerce and causes, shining a spotlight on the invaluable impact that meetings have on business and our communities. It deserved its own song!

The creative process behind the GMID Anthem was itself a world first. Back in 2016, via the live-streaming app ‘Periscope’, SongDivision brought industry professionals from around the world into London’s legendary Metropolis Recording Studios. Led by our UK musicians who’ve worked with the likes of George Michael and Florence & The Machine, participants submitted lyrics and helped choose the chords and style of the song in just thirty minutes.

Check out the original version, along with a teaser of the latest Heavy Metal version below…

Original GMID Anthem:

Teaser for the Heavy Metal GMID Anthem!

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