Broadcast Band

Rock Your Virtual Events

Now that we’re a few weeks into a world of all-day videoconferencing, let’s be honest… they all look and feel the same, don’t they?

An important message needs a sense of occasion. It needs to feel bigger and brighter than a Zoom call, particularly now that you’re competing for your audience’s attention with their kids and the dog.

When it’s time to take your virtual events to the next level, our Broadcast Band makes your presenter the star. In the same way bands like The Roots elevate famous late night shows, we do the same using charismatic MCs and world-class musicians — they’ve played with Prince, Cher, Drake, Katy Perry and more!

Our Broadcast Band inspires people to pay attention, and leaves them feeling good. That’s what we do for a living every day, and it will make your communication program so much more effective, while keeping people motivated in these challenging times.

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Fun, Energetic, Engaging

Expectations in the virtual space are high. Worldwide, consumers watch online streaming services nearly 7 hours per week on average [source: BusinessWire] with the majority seeking entertaining content. Live music adds fun and entertaining programming your remote general sessions to help you exceed expectations.

Global Rock Stars

The very same world-class musicians you find at SongDivision’s traditional programs, now available to you remotely.

Flexible Programming

Flexible to your virtual meeting format, whether through a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom, Cisco Webex or Google Hangouts, or via televised broadcast or streaming feed.


Just because your event is taking place online doesn’t mean it can’t rock! For nearly two decades our world-class general session bands have elevated corporate events and entertained audiences worldwide. Now your teams can experience that same energy and excitement, virtually!

Whether you’re hosting a virtual general session online or producing a televised event for your attendees to tune in remotely, our Broadcast Band provides the musical lift to boost your events and keep audiences entertained anywhere in the world. In the same way bands like The Roots elevate and add excitement to famous late night shows, our charismatic MCs and world-class musicians, who have played with Prince, Cher, Drake, Katy Perry and more, provide entertainment and a live custom soundtrack perfectly designed to fit your programming.

From custom intros and outros for featured speakers, to highlighting achievements and celebrating team members, SongDivision’s Broadcast Band will ensure your virtual event doesn’t miss a beat — all led by our professional MCs who delight and entertain your audiences just like renowned hosts and band leaders on late night talk shows!

For an even bigger impact, unite your teams with a Remote Team Anthem. Our Virtual General Session Band will work with you, either ahead of time or live with your participants, to deliver an electrifying custom song that represents your key messaging and core values.

With musicians worldwide, each of whom have performed with renowned artists, SongDivision can accommodate any virtual meeting scenario, from performing live in-studio for a televised broadcast, to setting up remotely via a virtual meeting platform. 

Amplify your virtual meetings with SongDivision.