SongDivision hosts unforgettable experiences.

Whether your event is in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid format, our world-class musicians and presenters can help your people build stronger bonds. We have categorized our experiences according to different purposes.

Select from BOND, CELEBRATE, ENGAGE, and LEARN. So, what is your purpose today?

Studies show music creates shared memories and anchors learning.

We’ve worked closely with prominent L&D experts, Synaptic Potential, to create evidence-based programs based on the latest thinking on how to nurture leadership and create bonded teams that stick.


Bonded teams are more productive and engaged.

Our ‘BOND’ experiences are designed to help your participants connect with each other on a deeper level. They will feel the lift in energy from the very start of our programs. More importantly, they will leave the experience with higher trust levels and more confidence in achieving greater results together.


We know how to keep your audience engaged because we’ve been doing it successfully for two decades.

In addition to turning up the fun factor, we inject more life and energy into your events. We are the experts in activating audience participation by crafting enjoyable and memorable moments. There’s never a dull moment when you activate SongDivision.


Let people know they matter by celebrating their hard work.

We believe positive reinforcement leads to greater achievements. Whether it is a Rocking Reception or Virtual Happy Hour, we make everyone feel like a rock star.