SongDivision hosts unforgettable team building experiences.

Ready to treat your staff to a team building experience they’ll never forget? Welcome to SongDivision, where music meets connectivity. For the last twenty years, we’ve been working with organizations across the globe, bringing together teams, leaders, and everyone else in between in a fun, interactive, and inclusive way.

SongDivision is rewriting how managers and stakeholders inspire creativity, streamline collaboration, and enhance communication. We understand that every business operates differently — and our talented team of musicians & facilitators have the experience and passion to meet your needs seamlessly.

Whether your event is in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid format, our world-class musicians and MC’s can help your people build stronger bonds through tailored team building experiences. We have categorized our experiences according to different purposes.

Select from BOND, CELEBRATE, ENGAGE, and LEARN. So, what is your purpose today?

Explore our incredible range of musical team-building experiences, and contact us today to book a call with one of our team.


Team building experiences done differently — SongDivision

With both in-person and virtual options available, organizations are spoilt for choice. At SongDivison, we believe in the power of music to unite teams and bring culture to life!


Our in-person team building experiences

  • Song Slam

The Song Slam is a high-energy event where teams compete to write and perform original songs. Guided by our expert musicians, participants collaborate on crafting lyrics and the perfect melody before giving a show-stopping performance. The Song Slam is designed to unleash creativity and enhance teamwork and communication.

  • Rock & Roll Game Show

The Rock & Roll Game Show is a jam-packed quiz show that tests teams’ knowledge across a range of music and pop culture. With trivia, musical challenges, and interactive elements, this activity will instill a sense of camaraderie and energize your team. It’s a perfect way to build connections and have fun in a competitive yet friendly environment.

  • Lip Sync Battle

The Lip Sync Battle is the perfect team building experience for teams to tap into their inner rock star. Teams select their favorite songs, create choreography, and perform in front of their peers. This activity promotes creativity, confidence, and team spirit, leaving participants with unforgettable memories and strengthened bonds.

  • Team Anthem

In the Team Anthem, teams collaborate to write and record an original anthem that reflects their company’s values and mission. The track can then be repurposed for marketing, company events, or as a motivational tool to keep your team engaged. During this creative process, you can expect to watch your staff strengthen team bonds and share a lasting memory of their goals.

  • VIP Recording Studio Experience

Put yourself in the shoes of international recording artists as our musicians walk you through the composition, practice, and recording process of an original song. With no prior musical experience necessary, our session musicians — who have performed with the biggest artists on the planet — lead the charge in getting your team involved in the songwriting process, culminating in the recording of their very own song!

  • Team Harmony Session

An in-person team-building experience and a practical learning and development program designed to nurture high-performing teams. During the session, your team will participate in a songwriting workshop led by our rock star facilitators. Together, you’ll write a song while mastering essential leadership and teamwork skills.

Perfect for teams of any size, no musical experience required. Improve communication, build trust and elevate your team’s performance with Team Harmony.


Our virtual team building experiences

  • Virtual Rock & Roll Game Show

Our Virtual Rock & Roll Game Show is an interactive online experience where teams compete in a live music trivia game. We ask questions across various music genres, eras, and artists, giving your team the opportunity to showcase their music knowledge while collaborating to answer questions.

  • Virtual Team Anthem

In the Virtual Team Anthem, participants are guided by our professional musicians to write their own song. During this session, they’ll learn everything there is to know about songwriting, from crafting lyrics that move listeners to putting together the perfect melody and effective song structure.

  • Virtual Energy and Well-Being Breaks 

Looking for something short, sweet, but impactful? Our virtual musical breaks provide the perfect opportunity for your team to unwind and be comforted by slow, peaceful music. This is a powerful and innovative way to encourage mindfulness among your team, allowing them to be more present and productive during work. In just ten minutes, SongDivision can help your team feel more uplifted and connected.

  • Virtual Team Harmony Session

No matter the size of your team, our Virtual Team Harmony session is an immersive experience that focuses on practical leadership to build trust and communication while improving interpersonal skills. From finessing your storytelling techniques to understanding what motivates your team members and learning to deliver feedback in a safe environment, this session will take your team’s performance to the next level.


Spark creativity and inspire change in your organization with SongDivision 

Imagine having the power to help your team bond through music. SongDivision has been crafting tailored team building experiences since 2004, paving the way for organizations like yours to unlock a new level of collaboration. A cohesive workplace is a workplace destined to thrive, and SongDivision can help get you there.

Connect with us today to learn more about our in-person and virtual team building experiences.

Studies show music creates shared memories and anchors learning.

We’ve worked closely with prominent L&D experts, Synaptic Potential, to create evidence-based programs based on the latest thinking on how to nurture leadership and create bonded teams that stick.


Bonded teams are more productive and engaged.

Our ‘BOND’ experiences are designed to help your participants connect with each other on a deeper level. They will feel the lift in energy from the very start of our programs. More importantly, they will leave the experience with higher trust levels and more confidence in achieving greater results together.


We know how to keep your audience engaged because we’ve been doing it successfully for two decades.

In addition to turning up the fun factor, we inject more life and energy into your events. We are the experts in activating audience participation by crafting enjoyable and memorable moments. There’s never a dull moment when you activate SongDivision.


Let people know they matter by celebrating their hard work.

We believe positive reinforcement leads to greater achievements. Whether it is a Rocking Reception or Virtual Happy Hour, we make everyone feel like a rock star.