Team Building Events That Are Actually Fun

At SongDivision, we believe that culture is everything. We help teams build genuine connections and overcome workplace challenges to make the world’s ‘Best Places to Work’ work even better.

We do this through collaborative songwriting and music-based team building experiences. Our programs improve team cohesion and bring your mission, values and ‘big ideas’ to life. Because our approach is so different, it makes your messages stickier and more memorable.

Work with world-class facilitators to design an unforgettable, interactive team building experience.

Explore our music team building activities and get in touch with us today to book your next team building program.

Unite Around Your Purpose Using Music

Your company has a greater purpose. Through collaborative songwriting and interactive entertainment we use the science of music to inspire creativity, strengthen connections, and build a deeply unified corporate culture.

Since 2003, SongDivision has pioneered the use of music to empower teams. Our world-class musicians and facilitators have earned their chops touring and recording with renowned artists such as Prince, Justin Timberlake, and Adele.

Whether you’re looking to indulge the rock and roll buffs in your team or shine a spotlight on your TikTok junkies, SongDivision is here to provide an unforgettable experience for your team. We are not your typical corporate team building company. We lean into the power of music to help organizations tap into their potential.

Deepen emotional connection by using music to tell stories that bring your people together and leave them ready to conquer the world.

The purpose and meaning behind enriching team building activities

Within many organizations, silos run rampant, impacting collaboration, limiting communication, and slowing down company morale. Team building programs and activities seek to repair this by opening up the space for teams to work together in fun and entertaining ways.

Whether it’s through writing a company anthem, hosting a virtual happy hour, or having some fun with a Rock & Roll Game Show, SongDivision uses the science of music to bring teams together.

How we make team building activities successful

When you think of a corporate structure, music doesn’t always come to mind. Our corporate team building activities are shaking up the way businesses work together. We create engaging, interactive experiences using world-class musicians and evidence-based programs to encourage participation and collaboration. We use music as a unique and powerful tool to break down barriers and get teams connecting.

Some of the best stories we’re proud of come from a range of industries. From pharmaceutical to financial services, SongDivision is pleased to be the driving force behind helping our clients reach their goals.

From small teams, to giants of industry . . .

We’ve helped them all bring their teams together using music.

“Absolutely Fabulous. You kicked off a journey into a new culture for us. Thank you!”

What a talented bunch you are — your ability to create something in no time is just crazy!

Our team is definitely on a high right now and we cannot thank you enough!

You guys pulled it off again! My entire communications team was blown away by the musical talent and excellent songwriting facilitation. The facilitators were awesome and managed to get everyone engaged. 

The entire process, from the sales side to the execution, was flawless.

No more boring Zoom meetings

Whether it’s the first time you’re seeing each other or the thousandth, make it special with a one of a kind SongDivision Team Building event.

For the past two decades, we have revolutionized the use of music to create fun, engaging, and insanely productive corporate cultures. Here is just a taste of what we have come up with . . .

Team Anthem

Unify your company using music with an anthem written by your teams to express your purpose and values.

Our world-class musicians and facilitators (who’ve worked with everyone from James Brown to Justin Bieber)  will guide you through discovery of your message and creation of your unique anthem. 

As always, no musical experience is required.

“WOW, what an event! Our team loved your performance and enjoyed the songwriting. Thank you again to the entire SongDivision Team!”

Virtual Happy Hour

Now, more than ever, people need to connect.

SongDivision’s Virtual Happy Hour is more than just a casual online get-together. This musical variety show hosted by international music superstars spans a full hour of comedy, meaningful discussions, rock & roll trivia and interactive songwriting. The program is fun and relaxed, and enables companies to bring their teams together outside of daily stresses, while still communicating their purpose and core values.

“Simply amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful night. I have not seen our Warriors smiling bigger over the last 5 weeks! Powerful stuff.”

Song Slam

There’s nothing like a little team rivalry to bring your purpose to life.

In this ‘Battle of the Bands’-style event, your teams compete for bragging rights by writing and performing original songs that represent your company’s vision and values. 

Our world-class musicians and facilitators guide teams through every step of the process. We turn your team into rockstars performing on stage in front of a roaring crowd of peers, and backed by some of the industry’s top musicians.

Wow. The Song Slam was such a hit! My whole group had an absolute blast and truly loved every moment. Just wanted to let you know that you, your staff and team really put on a stellar event. The Zappos team is buzzing about how much fun they had. Cheers to many many more Song Slams!!!

Team Building Through Music

Successful companies start with a healthy corporate culture. Our team building services immerse your teams in musical experiences designed to articulate your brand purpose, strengthen bonds, and create a deeper connection to your company.

Give your team the buzz they’ve been searching for by booking a session with SongDivision today.


What are the benefits of team building programs and activities?

Organizing events and team building activities for your staff is a fantastic way to encourage collaboration, improve communication, and boost team morale. They also foster a sense of trust among staff, encourage creative problem-solving, and strengthen relationships, leading to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

And let’s face it, it’s also great fun! Our events and team building activities are excellent solutions for strengthening culture, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction within your organization.

What are your most popular team building challenges?

Our most popular team building experiences  are our interactive music sessions. During these sessions, participants collaborate to write and perform original songs, fostering creativity and teamwork. These workshops include activities like the Song Slam and the Team Anthem. Our aim at SongDivision is to redefine corporate team building programs, energize teams, and create unforgettable experiences.

Do we provide virtual & in-person team building activities?

Yes, we offer both virtual and in-person team building activities. Our flexible team building programs are designed to engage and inspire teams regardless of location. Virtual options include interactive music sessions, while in-person events provide immersive experiences that bring teams together to collaborate, create, and have fun!

Why should I consider music team building for my organization?

We know all too well the stigma that comes with corporate team building exercises. Most of the time, staff members find themselves bored, counting down the hours till the day wraps up. Music team building is changing the way companies approach team building programs.

Music team building creates the perfect space to encourage creativity, enhance communication, and strengthen team bonds. It also provides a unique and engaging way for people to express themselves and break down barriers that may be present between teams.

Do team building activities work for large companies?

Absolutely! We find some of the best organizations to benefit from our corporate team building events are large companies. We can help improve collaboration and communication across departments and contribute toward building a unified company culture.

Does SongDivision come to my organization?

Yes, SongDivision can come to your organization. We offer engaging on-site team building events tailored to your business’s needs, providing interactive, unique, and fun music workshops and activities that engage and inspire your team.

Can we host corporate team building events at all locations?

Yes, we can host corporate team building events at virtually any location. Our flexible programs are designed to accommodate diverse settings, whether it’s your office, a conference venue, or an off-site location. We also offer virtual options, ensuring that no matter where your team is, they can participate and experience the power of music.

How much time do you need for a team building activity?

The duration of our corporate team building activities varies based on your needs, typically ranging from one to four hours. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your team’s availability, whether it’s a quick energizer session or a more in-depth session. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and engaging experience in each and every session.

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You are in good company

You guys pulled it off again! My entire team was blown away. The facilitators were awesome and managed to get everyone engaged.

The entire process, from the sales side to the execution, was flawless.

Thanks for all you do to make me look like a rock star!


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