Open with a bang

Your keynote speaker is waiting in the wings and the stage is set. Captivate your audience by playing the speaker on with an IntroHit — a custom walk-up song written to highlight your presenter’s personality and engage attendees in the presentation from the very start.

IntroHits are short, custom songs that humanize key presenters as they make their way onstage and help to make them more relatable to conference attendees. IntroHits are written by SongDivision in advance of your event using information you provide and can be recorded for your event or played live by one of our incredible bands. We can tailor them to focus on specific individuals, such as company executives, MCs, keynote speakers, recognition-worthy teams, or even for your core values and key event messaging.

Leading companies worldwide are using IntroHits to generate excitement and buzz among conference attendees. We’ve done them for some of today’s top celebrities including NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal!

IntroHits are generally thirty seconds in length, consisting of a verse and chorus. They provide the ideal soundtrack to accompany your presenters both on and off the stage, playing into their personality and setting a memorable tone for your event. And of course, each IntroHit is yours to keep and share as you see fit.

Want to take your IntroHits to the next level?

Through our partnership with Chop & Hue — creators of epic video content — we can bring your IntroHits to life through vividly produced videos that personalize your presenters even more. Chop & Hue works hand-in-hand with you and SongDivision to plan, capture, and produce high-end video that elevates your IntroHits and leaves a lasting impression with attendees. When you really want to make an impact, take your IntroHits to the next level with video through our Chop & Hue partnership.

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