Remote Team Anthem

Virtual Team Building Using Music

With 85% of the world’s leading companies supporting telecommuting [source: Fortune], team building is more important now than ever before. But, getting your teams together for team building experiences is not always feasible or cost effective. Our Remote Team Anthem addresses these challenges by engaging your teams in an interactive songwriting session, all conducted virtually using a secure online meeting platform.

This music-fueled program enables you to convey key messaging and core values to your team members worldwide, live and in the moment, and best of all, together. Each online session is led by the same world-class musicians you’ll find at SongDivision’s live events, who have worked with international stars like Prince, Cher, Drake, Katy Perry and more!

You decide who should attend, send out an invite, and just like that, we’re creating an original song together, online! Once your team is logged in, our musicians run the show, entertaining your people and guiding the group through chord selection and collaborative lyric writing, which centers on your team’s purpose. No musical experience is required.

Lyrical ideas are submitted using the platform’s messaging features and are arranged by our musicians into a final song, which is performed with the group live, on-screen! An .mp3 version of the song is later recorded for you to share with attendees. Or, for an even bigger impact, a full studio version (e.g. full instrumentation, vocals and production) can be recorded for an additional fee.

Unite your teams, remotely, using music!


We get it, team building across remote offices is challenging. With team members across four continents, we’ve learned a thing or two about staying connected. You don’t have the benefit of daily interactions like popping over to a coworker’s desk, grabbing coffee together, or taking a team lunch. A regular monthly meeting is one thing, but when you need an energy boost for your team that fuels collaboration and creativity, remote songwriting sessions deliver in ways you can’t get from a conference call or even a traditional video conference.

More Connected

Music heightens our senses, bringing the experience to life and drawing team members into the content and each other.

More Engaged

Interactive songwriting experiences absorb participants in the moment, providing them with a creative challenge that encourages collaboration.

More Meaningful

Creating music with others is scientifically shown to improve emotional states, strengthen memory, and form lasting relationships — the ideal ingredients for building a collaborative corporate culture.

What’s Included

  • Custom 60-90 minute session designed specifically for virtual delivery
  • 2-3 world-class musician/MCs, who have performed with artists like Cher, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith and more
  • Charismatic host leading the session and entertaining your group with all the feel and energy of a legendary late-night show
  • Custom song, co-written by your group, and professionally recorded post-event to be shared with attendees
  • Session hosting on a trusted virtual meeting platform
  • Professional facilitation by SongDivision including running tech
  • Pre-production needs

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