Summary Song

Sum It Up With a Song

Whether you’re hosting an in-person or virtual event, the goal is the same — provide attendees with a memorable experience that instills your key messaging long after the event is over. With music’s proven links to happiness and memory, a Summary Song from SongDivision is the perfect way to liven up your events and make those key messages pop!

Our renowned musicians transform significant themes and moments into an original song that captures the spirit and energy of your event. What’s more, the song is completed IN REAL TIME and performed live for your audience to close out your session with a bang!

How It Works

  • We work with you ahead of time to understand specific event goals, themes and messaging
  • Our world-class musician(s) sit in on your event, absorbing everything that goes on
  • We then write a totally original song based on real-time content from your event
  • At the end of the program, the song — which captures key moments and messages — is performed for attendees, closing out your event on a high note
  • Interactive segments can be included to involve your audience in the song’s creation — i.e. selecting musical style and chords — as well as keep attendees excited with progress pop-ins
  • Following the event, we’ll provide you with a professional recording of your song which can be shared with attendees as a reminder of the experience



Live music adds fun and entertaining programming your in-person or virtual events to help you capture the attention of attendees and exceed expectations.


Music is deeply linked to memory and your summary song serves not only as a musical reminder of your event, but also enhances recall of your key messaging.

Global Rock Stars

Work with SongDivision’s world-class musicians, who have performed with leading artists such as Cher, Queen, Nile Rodgers and more!

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