Virtual Happy Hour

Your Happy Place in Cyberspace

Now more than ever, people need to connect. And nothing gets teams more excited than a good ol’ fashioned team happy hour. The only challenge is, while technology has been a great enabler of working remotely, it has also distanced us physically. Now your teams can have their cocktail and drink it too, with SongDivision’s Virtual Happy Hour.

SongDivision’s Virtual Happy Hour is more than just a casual online get-together. It’s an hour of nonstop entertainment hosted by one of our renowned musician-MCs, who have worked with international music superstars. They’ll keep the energy going so your team can focus on relaxing and having a great time.

As with all SongDivision programs, music is central to the Virtual Happy Hour. In addition to sharing stories about first concerts, favourite songs and albums, your team will take part in a virtual version of our Rock & Roll Game Show putting their music knowledge and talents to the test. Afterwards, they’ll be treated to a live performance of an original song — written by our musicians during the session — highlighting key moments and themes from the happy hour.

As always, no musical experience is required for any of our programs, but if you have an instrument and want an audience, we’re always happy to get you involved.

Hang out, have a drink (if you like), and start bonding with your team today, virtually!


Virtual Work-Life Balance

Online meeting platforms shouldn’t be all work and no play. Engaging with your teams in a casual virtual setting aids with team bonding and prompts greater productivity for work-related interaction.

More Connected

Music heightens our senses, bringing the experience to life and drawing team members into the content and each other.

More Engaged

Interactive songwriting experiences absorb participants in the moment, providing them with a creative challenge that encourages collaboration.

What’s Included

  • Custom 60-minute session designed specifically for virtual delivery
  • 2-3 world-class musician/MCs, who have performed with artists like Cher, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith and more
  • Charismatic host leading the session and entertaining your group with all the feel and energy of a legendary late-night show
  • Custom song, co-written by your group, and professionally recorded post-event to be shared with attendees
  • Session hosting on a trusted virtual meeting platform
  • Professional facilitation by SongDivision including running tech
  • Pre-production needs

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