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DSA + SongDivision



Direct Selling Australia (DSA) has been the leading representative body for direct selling in Australian retail for more than 50 years. In addition to serving and promoting member interests and the direct selling industry in Australia, they also champion continual innovation. For the DSA Annual Conference in Sydney, DSA sought to showcase innovative ways to motivate and empower sales teams, while expressing core messaging. This year, SongDivision was invited to showcase our interactive, music-fueled programs to over 120 key leaders and decision-makers from the Australian direct selling community.

SongDivision called in our top performers from around Australia, including our energetic lead MC & Facilitator, Brihony Dawson — lead singer for Ladyhood who has worked with Grammy award-winning producers as well as members of the GoGo’s. Brihony and the band delivered our renowned Team Anthem program enabling attendees to write an original song focused on DSA Annual Conference messaging. Over the course of an hour, our team had everyone participating in chord selection, musical style selection, and lyric writing. By the time the band delivered the final tune, the atmosphere was electric and everyone felt like they were a part of the band!

That evening, SongDivision’s world-class Gala Awards & Party Band had the privilege of providing entertainment for the conference’s Celebratory Dinner. Once again, Brihony and the band lit up the stage playing well-known hits from the past four decades and sending everyone out with huge smiles on their faces.


“We are always excited to participate in showcase opportunities like the DSA Annual Conference! These occasions allow us to reach new audiences and demonstrate what we do best, and there is nothing better than seeing the reaction the first time someone experiences the music and energy of SongDivision!” Russell Boiarsky, Chief Brand Officer, SongDivision

Express your key messaging with an unforgettable Team Anthem!