Custom hits, in 3 minutes or less

Writing a meaningful song needn’t take much time. In fact, some of the greatest songs ever were written quickly, including The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” With SongDivision’s InstaHits, now you can spark energy and excitement into your events with custom music written on-the-spot in less than three minutes. Our expert songwriters engage and entertain guests, and with minimal information, instantly create meaningful songs in an array of musical genres. Let us help communicate your brand purpose, define a team’s identity, or simply have some fun and delight guests with whatever quirky information happens to come up. Create purposeful music, instantly, with SongDivision.


Watch an InstaHit get created in real time…

Feat. Sam McNeill & Tom Billington from SongDivision,
Will Curran from EventIcons and Rick Turner from Extraordinary Events.

IMEX 2019 InstaHits – EY

IRF Invitational InstaHits – Ritz Carlton, National Sales Team

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