Custom hits, Virtual or Live, in 3 minutes or less

Writing a meaningful song needn’t take much time. In fact, some of the greatest songs ever were written quickly, including The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” With SongDivision’s InstaHits, now you can spark energy and excitement into your live or virtual events with custom music written on-the-spot in less than three minutes. Our expert songwriters engage and entertain guests, and with minimal information, instantly create meaningful songs in an array of musical genres. Let us help communicate your brand purpose, define a team’s identity, or simply have some fun and delight guests with whatever quirky information happens to come up. Create purposeful music, instantly, with SongDivision.


Experience InstaHits…

How It Works: Live Events

  • Our charismatic musicians — who have worked with artists such as Aerosmith, Florence & the Machine, Nirvana and more — approach guests at your event and ask a few get-to-know-you questions
  • Guests choose their preferred musical style and chords
  • Our musicians create a completely original song in 3 minutes using the info they have collected
  • Songs can be catered to your core values and key messaging if you like
  • Each InstaHit is performed live for guests and can be recorded on a mobile device as a treasured keepsake, or shared with the world via social media

How It Works: Virtual Events

  • Same amazing musicians, same amazing songs, any virtual platform
  • Include as part of SongDivision’s Virtual Happy Hour or Remote Team Anthem, or invite SongDivision to your next virtual meeting or event
  • Our charismatic musicians will boost energy while chatting with guests and collecting answers to ice-breaker questions
  • While you resume your meeting, we’ll set to work composing hit songs — ready in just 3 minutes each
  • No time for interaction? No problem, we can write an InstaHit about your virtual meeting or event, simply by observing
  • Each InstaHit is performed live for guests where it can be recorded via your virtual platform
  • For an additional fee we can professionally record your InstaHits and deliver them to you in .mp3 format for sharing

IMEX 2019 InstaHits – EY

IRF Invitational InstaHits – Ritz Carlton, National Sales Team

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