Lip Sync Battle

Throw down your best moves

Encourage a little rivalry at your next in-person or virtual event as your guests become the stars of their own Lip Sync Battle. Individuals or teams compete for glory by showing off their best moves while lip synching to their favorite songs. Bring in your own panel of guest judges, or decide by audience appreciation — either way, it’s sure to be a good time that everyone will enjoy!

When it’s gotta be virtual, SongDivision’s Virtual Lip Sync Experiences bring your teams together with music’s greatest hits whether you’re looking for an all-out virtual competition or an entertaining virtual dance party. Led by our always-energetic MCs and talented DJs, your event is assured to be high-energy, entertaining, and an absolute blast. As always, we work closely with you to understand your objectives and create a truly spectacular program that engages your guests and memorably conveys your message.

Got a theme in mind? SongDivision can wrap your event with custom musical content from just about any genre you can think of including popular decades, musical styles like Motown, Pop and Hip-Hop, and special holiday themes like Halloween and more!


Lip Sync Battle

Virtual Lip Sync Experiences

Lip Sync Battle — Video Extravaganza:

The ultimate virtual competition for your crew. You determine the teams. SongDivision hosts individual Zoom sessions with each, perfecting their lip synching and choreography to a song of their choice. We then professionally produce a unique music video for each group using their song and Zoom footage. Once the videos are ready, all teams are brought back together for a massively entertaining Virtual Happy Hour in which each video is played and scored by the audience, or guest judges if you like. By the end of the happy hour we’ll have crowned a Lip Sync Battle champion, shared in some exciting musical trivia and interactive songwriting, and created a memorable event like no other!


  • 30- to 60-minute virtual session for each group hosted by SongDivision
  • SongDivision’s charismatic rockstar MCs, who have performed with everyone from Cher to Nirvana
  • Song selection and editing to suit your event messaging
  • Choreography planning and coaching with your teams
  • Professional video editing of each session to suit style and feel of your event
  • Pre-production needs and tech by SongDivision
  • 60-minute Virtual Happy Hour to showcase team videos and crown a champion!


Lip Sync Dance Party:

Cut loose with your people and bond over insanely good music, hilarious lip syncs and the greatest dance moves of all time. Come together through Zoom as our world-renowned DJ spins a continuous mix of dance-able hits. As soon as a member of your crew is ready to lip sync, they can chat their request to the DJ who cues them up and gives them the spotlight. Whether you’re singing, dancing, or both, it’s guaranteed fun and full of memorable moments your people with cherish well after the last song has faded out.


  • 30- to 60-minute virtual session hosted by SongDivision
  • SongDivision’s charismatic DJs, who have spun for top celebrity, festival & Fortune 500 events
  • A continuous custom set of the greatest dance-able hits of all time
  • Lip sync requests taken throughout the session for those craving the spotlight
  • Pre-production needs and tech by SongDivision

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