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Omnicom + SongDivision

Santa Barbara

Omnicom Media Group, the media division of the advertising, marketing, and corporate communications giant, flew 300 members of its global executive team to Santa Barbara for a 3-day conference to celebrate acheivements and review goals the upcoming year. The company approached SongDivision seeking a way to foster new connections and strengthen existing bonds between colleagues that work in different corners of the world.

Our solution was to form connections and entertain attendees with our wildly popular Lip Sync Battle. Fifteen teams of 20 were given an hour to select a song and choreograph a performance. Over the course of the session, barriers came down as traditional office culture gave way to trust and fearless self-expression. Following the elimination round, 3 finalists were selected by Omnicom’s own leadership team and everyone gathered in the main ballroom to cheer on their peers in the finals.

One winner was ultimately selected by audience applause, but everyone in the room felt a sense of pride and unity. The event was an absolute blast, creating the engagement and cultural bonds that Omnicom was after. In only 2 hours, this shared, creative experience helped the company celebrate major achievements and prepared the teams for future success.

Create memorable events using music.