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Guests from across the UK and Europe joined SongDivision to celebrate the festive season during our Year-End Celebration Virtual Showcase. Through a musical variety hour filled with trivia and interactive entertainment, musicians and attendees collaborated to create an original hit song, which we’ve professionally recorded and shared with you.

SongDivision’s world-class musical hosts for the session included Bec Quinn (The X Factor, The Voice, The Morning Show), MiG Ayesa (Queen, Rock of Ages), Sam McNeill (Award-Winning MC/Facilitator for Fortune 500s), Zarif Davidson (Beyonce, John Legend) and Christo Alexander (Leading Musical MC/Facilitator for Fortune 500s).

Check out the recap video above and download the full-length track below to see first-hand how this entertaining, music-driven experience can engage your teams and cap off the year in style!


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