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Social flow can be described as being similar to the feeling you get when you’re ‘in the zone’. But when it occurs at a group level, it promotes concentration and alleviates negative emotional experiences such as worry and stress.

When your team is ‘singing in the same key’, momentum is created and work becomes more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

So how can you create social flow in your team? Here are our top 7 ways to create social flow:

1. Build inclusive interpersonal relationships

Teams who cooperate and collaborate, rather than just work side by side, minimize conflict, which promotes greater respect, openness, empathy and honesty with one another. These relationships are foundational in building social flow.

2. Challenge and experience growth

Social flow is more likely to occur when a group is performing at the peak of everyone’s abilities, rather than working on a low-demand task. Challenge your team at a level that matches their expertise.

3. Have a shared belief

Organizations who instill purpose in what they do, are more likely to succeed and experience social flow. When teams are passionate, they view their job and daily tasks as a means to achieve purpose, which means they work in a way that is more committed to their colleagues and the cause.

4. Contagious flow

Better team outcomes can come about by ‘catching’ positive vibes from other team members through synchronized thinking and behaviors; for example, resolving a challenge at the same time as a group.

5. Team collaboration and interdependence

Three minds can be better than one. Social flow is more likely to occur when there is interdependence and collaboration amongst team members.

6. Agreement on goals

Social flow is more often found in teams where there is mutual agreement on goals, procedures, and roles. Having a clearly defined agreement before work begins will support the facilitation of social flow occurring.

7. Feedback

Your team can achieve social flow by welcoming reciprocal feedback. It is important to create psychological safety and provide equal opportunities for everyone to speak up.

We closely analyze the seven ways to create social flow during Leadership Track, a course designed to enlighten, educate and strengthen teams.

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