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After a disruptive two years, there was a thirst for meeting face-to-face at AIME and the organizers wanted to make sure the 2022 event was a standout. The solution? Engage SongDivision of course! Our skillful Australian team created a highly captivating, memorable experience for everyone who attended.

To shake up the traditional format of AIME, SongDivision brought some rock n’ roll glam to the show floor. Providing our hugely popular Party Band, Team Anthem, and InstaHit® services across the three days.



Brihony Dawson and DJ KittyKat, playfully called the ‘AIME Timekeepers and Beat Makers’, kicked off proceedings and kept the room moving with songs like ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake.


The Team Anthem aka AIME Anthem was created by acclaimed Aussie pop star Brihony Dawson and singer/songwriter Rhys Tolhurst. The lyrics came together by delegates using Slido to answer questions with one word. These included questions like how they are feeling and what their favorite thing about AIME was. The custom song was written from these words and performed on the last day, closing out the event.



Adding ‘custom’ to ‘customer’, delegates were able to get a 30-second personalized InstaHit® written just for them. They were asked a series of personal questions from their favorite holiday destination to their favorite beverage and a fun fact about them. Brihony and Rhys created a song in real time, leaving delegates with huge smiles on their faces!



SongDivision CEO, Andy Sharpe, attended AIME for the first time in ten years. “It was great to see so many of the industry in Melbourne. The atmosphere, the new faces (and some familiar ones), the comradery made the entire week come to life. It was great to be back!”


SongDivision was proud to work with AIME this year to create a truly unforgettable event.


Looking for ways to inject some fun, rock n’ roll and flair into your next event? Get in touch with our friendly team today!


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