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The industries you work in, from financial to pharma to technology and everything in between, may look different on the outside, but company leaders in these fields all have one thing in common. They want to connect teams, communicate ideas, and cultivate a positive company culture.

It’s true. No matter the industry, a similarity we see across all our clients is a strong desire to have engaged and cohesive teams.

But is engagement really that important? Does it actually have any impact on employee retention, client satisfaction, or worker health?

According to a 2024 Gallup poll, only 30 percent of full- and part-time employees in the U.S. are engaged with work at their companies. This lack of engagement, though, has long-term consequences.

With a lack of engagement comes a decrease in productivity, customer service, and profitability. Employees who aren’t engaged may be more likely to have negative attitudes, spread dissent among their co-workers, or leave the company.

Why Is Cohesion Important

Much like engagement, team cohesion matters, too. For example, if teammates need help with communication or conflicts arise, employees may be more likely to disengage from their work, be less likely to commit to the company’s culture, or decide to quit.

Social pain can impact the brain just as much as physical pain can affect the body. Incivility in the workplace affects one’s health and well-being. While conflict can sometimes be good for an organization’s growth, it’s only effective if people respect each other.

When thinking about your own organization, ask yourself how strong the team cohesion is within your company. How much importance do you place on team cohesion and a cohesive working environment?

Engagement and Team Cohesion Through Music

SongDivsion’s expertise is in helping companies increase team engagement and bonding. Through several powerful experiences, we can help strengthen employee satisfaction, team cohesion, and trust within your organization,

For example, our Team Harmony program helps teams learn to trust each other and recognize other’s strengths. The Song Slam experience can create team cohesiveness through a little bit of healthy competition by writing songs that help bond teams, communicate values, and improve company culture. And our Team Anthem experience offers participants the chance to write a meaningful song as a collective, hitting on opportunities in both engagement and team cohesion.

All our programs are conducted through the power of music, which has been proven to help build trust, bond teams, and create memorable experiences.

Connect with us to learn how we can help build and create more engaged and cohesive teams in your organization.