DGMT: Remote Team Anthem with SongDivision

SongDivision teamed up with DGMT in South Africa to form the supergroup, ‘Fire Lions’, for a Remote Team Anthem session that grooved the soul and warmed the heart.

It didn’t take them long to work as a team to create a brand new dance classic!

The session featured world-class musical hosts, Sam McNeill (SongDivision GM for UK/Europe and award-winning MC/Facilitator having delivered 500+ interactive musical experiences for companies such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Spotify, and Fujitsu) and Christo Alexander (Daryl Braithwaite, 500+ corporate team building & interactive entertainment sessions for companies such as Amazon, Lendlease, and Microsoft).

Thanks DGMT! We can’t wait to rock with you guys again!

Check out the video clip from your Happy Hour above, and the recording below…

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