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SongDivision cares deeply about protecting our planet and minimizing the effects of climate change through recycling, sustainability and carbon reduction. So, for Earth Day 2021 we paired our passions for music and saving the planet in this one-of-a-kind Virtual Happy Hour: Earth Day Edition! Participants brought their energy through rounds of rock & roll trivia, virtual dance-offs, and interactive songwriting resulting in an original song focused on restoring our Earth.

SongDivision’s world-class musical hosts for the session included: Andrew Furze (Andrew De Silva, Delta Goodrem), John Lombardo (toured with Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins), Walter Ino (Survivor, Foreigner), MB Padfield

Thanks for bringing a positive spirit and doing right by our planet! Let’s make some more great music together again soon.

Check out the video recap above, and download the full-length track below…


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