Group Size

10 – 10,000


15 – 90 minutes


Virtual / Hybrid / In-person


Team Engagement, Purpose Definition, Cultural Development

A collective singing experience where everyone sings harmonies to a well known song, resulting in a choir that rocks!

The sound of 100+ people singing in rehearsed parts and melodies together to a much loved song will create goosebumps on even the toughest of skin. Everyone has a voice and we will demonstrate that with a collective energy, everyone really can sing.

Music is powerful. Numerous scientific studies show that music has positive physiological effects on the brain and body, releasing endorphins that strengthen emotional bonds and create lasting memories.

SongDivision’s world-class facilitators and musicians create a results-driven, interactive musical experience that taps into this phenomenon. Through carefully designed segments our MC and musicians will capture everyone’s attention from the get-go and have everyone up and into it straight away. Create a rock star, rock solid company!


I’ve been in the corporate world for a long time – this was the absolute best.

Ray Ban

In my almost 30 years in business, this was the best team building I have ever done!


SongDivision – Absolutely brilliant! Made some brilliant music. Great work!

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We had the pleasure of having our event supported by SongDivision, with an amazing Power Choir. It was a great momentum, having the music supporting our key messages. It was super energising, it brought great atmosphere, and now people are relaxed. I think everyone's happy. I am! Thank you very much SongDivision!


The Power Choir experience is a personal favourite of mine. SongDivision’s world class facilitators and musicians beautifully weave the ideas of communication, active listening and harmonious collaboration, into a highly engaging and interactive workshop. The result was a group of non-musicians singing in 4 part harmony to songs like 'Stand By Me’. It’s an incredibly powerful moment, and the lasting connections SongDivision manages to create among attendees is second to none! We love working with SongDivision, and I highly recommend all of their unique, engaging and unforgettable experiences.

Mathew Turvey, Hard Rock International