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Siemens + SongDivision

San Antonio


A leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis, Siemens’ purpose is to provide ingenuity for life. Recently, the company hosted an appreciation conference to bring together its Power Generation Services team. The newly formed team had not had many chances to engage with one another, and Siemens sought to connect the 200 team members with an interactive team building experience that would form strong bonds and resonate long after the event.

SongDivision’s Song Slam was the ideal solution to their needs offering a ‘battle of the bands’ style competition that had the Siemens’ team writing and performing original songs with the support of our world-class musicians, including Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Cher, Rock of Ages). Attendees were divided into groups, each of which spent time with members of our band writing lyrics to express the values of the team and the topics of leadership, commitment, and communication. After the dinner break and with the band ready to go, the teams took the stage to perform their tunes and battle it out for bragging rights!

The entire experience was a hit, providing a fun and energetic atmosphere for team members to collaborate and get to know one another. Attendees raved about the event and left humming the tunes they had worked on together! The group’s VP for North America was equally impressed saying that the evening was fun, entertaining, and the best team building experience he has ever been a part of!


“In my almost 30 years in business, this was the best team building I have ever done!” Siemens


“A huge success! SongDivision was the perfect extension of our team and incredibly talented. You never disappoint, and the feedback from our employees is very positive! I feel I have not only gained a trusted partner, but great friends as well. Thank you for sharing your talent and for all you did to make our event such a success.” Siemens

Unite your teams with a Song Slam from SongDivision!