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Russell Reynolds + SongDivision


SongDivision recently teamed up with Russell Reynolds Associates at their corporate conference in Austin, TX for an unforgettable day of music, team building, and entertainment.

Russell Reynolds is a global leadership advisory and executive search firm dedicated to holistic leadership staffing, including succession planning and mitigation risk. Attracted by our ability to produce highly engaging experiences using music, Russell Reynolds approached us looking for a fun, collaborative, and competitive way to wrap up otherwise traditional training and goal setting sessions. They wished to maintain the overall purpose of the conference, while allowing attendees to formulate their own interpretations of the messaging, thereby setting the stage for a truly creative and engaging experience.

Over the course of the day, we delivered our interactive Song Slam experience, engaging teams in a collaborative songwriting competition, inspiring interaction, and getting creative about Russell Reynolds’ unique brand promise. As if these songs weren’t memorable enough, we then transitioned venues to cap the night off with live performances from each group followed by an unforgettable set from our SongDivision band covering hits that spanned the decades.

Attendees truly enjoyed the experience, as did we. Several executive team members mentioned that it was the best event Russell Reynolds had ever had and raved about having us back for next year’s event.

Create memorable events using music.