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Positive workplace culture goes a long way in creating a happier and more engaged workforce.

PwC called on SongDivision for their groundbreaking ‘Corporate Coachella’ experience to create bonds between 3,500 new managers.

It works by connecting teams on a deeper level. It can also reduce stress, saving organizations significantly, with the American Psychological Association estimating that more than $500 billion is lost every year due to workplace stress.

In the modern workplace, organizations who invest in bonding activities for their teams see an increase in the following areas:

1. Team cohesion

People who feel more connected with others in the workplace, are more likely to capitalize on positive emotions such as, confidence, empathy and inspiration. This is because the team are more invested in maintaining a positive work culture and feed off the ‘social flow’ of the group.

A lack of team cohesion can negatively impact organizations. A survey on the costs of incivility showed 78% of people said their commitment to the organization declined. This can cost businesses significantly impacting other employees and the customer experience.


2. Common goals and clear direction

When the team is working to the same rhythm, goals become more attainable. It is important to be clear with employees, what the organization is trying to achieve and how it plans to get there. This level of clarity amongst the team will improve efficiencies and create a positive work culture.

Working towards common goals creates strong bonds between colleagues and makes them more cooperative to reach the ultimate outcome.


3. Sense of purpose and value

With the team all working towards mutual goals, there is greater understanding of each other’s role and a sharper sense of purpose. When employees can see how their role benefits the organization, they feel more valuable and that their efforts are important.

Employees who know their purpose and value can better connect and engage with colleagues because they know where they stand.


4. Work becomes more fulfilling

When employees understand what they are trying to achieve and the value they add to the organization, they feel happier and more engaged. This leads to feelings of fulfillment, for as a team they are delivering great results driving them to work harder.

Positive work cultures are where people feel connected with each other, and part of a team. This then in turn creates better working experiences and better customer outcomes. Investing in people and creating bonds will not only see your team become more productive, but it will increase your attractiveness as an employer, helping you retain quality staff.

If you’re looking to create a stronger bonds within your team, try creating a Team Anthem or use a little competition to motivate your team with a Song Slam.

Get in touch with us to connect your team with the power of music.