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Grumpy Old Travel Executive Society (GOTES) recently got together with SongDivision for the creation of a custom song for their 10 Year Anniversary Party!!

The high-energy virtual session engaged participants with rock & roll trivia, dance-offs, interactive songwriting, and plenty of smiles to go around.

SongDivision’s world-class musical hosts for the session included: Rick Ahir (James Arthur, David Guetta), Sam McNeill (Award-Winning MC/Facilitator for Fortune 500s) and Chelsey Chantelle (Made In Chelsea).

Thank you Grumpy Old Travel Executive Society (GOTES) Team for rockin’ with us! Let’s make some more great music together again soon.



We are GOTES, we might be grumpy and old
But we are worth our weight in gold
For 10 years we’ve been going strong
Always pretending to get along
Only joking, we love each other dearly
Even though we can’t see clearly
But we say with heavy throats
We are still kicking, we are the GOTES!
GOTES are back again this year
Drinking wine & drinking beer
Sea Containers & SongDivision bring us back to life
Back it up, with the GOTES HAND JIVE
10 years might seem like yesterday
But I can’t remember earlier today
We might be old, we might be grumpy
But we still love that rumpy pumpy!
Friggin the riggin
Friggin the riggin
Friggin the riggin
There was nothing else to do
We are GOTES, we’re happy GOTES
We might be old, but we’re wise GOTES
So give us love, give us lots to do
Cos we love what we do and we love you too!

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