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Recently, SongDivision CEO, Andy Sharpe, was featured in Forbes for innovation and resiliency amidst the global shift to virtual meetings & events. The article by #1 New York Times best-selling author of Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferazzi, focuses on Sharpe’s dedication to resilience thinking and the idea of trading perfection for immediacy and iterative development.  Ferazzi sums up the ‘Andy Sharpe Go Forward Action Plan for Startup Resilience’ as follows:

  1. Set aside time to look after mind, body, and soul
  2. Set achievable goals (individual and company-wide) and celebrate victories both big and small
  3. Fire bullets, then cannonballs
  4. Reach out to your network to offer and ask for help

For more, please read the full article on Forbes.com.

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