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Lessons from a hall of fame rock band and why you should get your teams together, now.

With massive hits like ‘Paradise City’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, and ‘November Rain’, not to mention 4 platinum albums in their first 5 years, it’s understandable that Guns N’ Roses might have become a touch complacent. For companies, however, complacency can be a death sentence, especially when you have momentum. Uncertainty surrounding the return of live events has many companies second guessing whether to host virtual events or wait it out. We’re here to tell you, carpe diem!

Ok, maybe Axl and the gang didn’t get it ‘all’ wrong — after all, they did record some of the greatest rock & roll anthems of all time. However, interpersonal struggles and 15 years between original albums all but decimated their momentum. By the time the band resurfaced in 2008, the heavy rock/hair band movement of the late 80’s and early 90’s had long passed, and all that remained were hardcore fans longing for a slice of their youth. 

Despite their faults, bands like Guns N’ Roses are able to survive an extended hiatus — music and memory are a powerful combination. Businesses, however, cannot operate this way. You have to continually innovate and communicate with teams and customers. When momentum comes your way, you ride the wave as far as it will carry you, all while seeking the next big wave to catch. 

Exactly when live events will return is anyone’s guess — and believe us, we’re just as hopeful as you are. You can spend your time scheduling and rescheduling, waiting for the perfect opportunity, but the longer you hold off, the more distanced and out-of-sync your teams become. Or, you can dive right in and put on an amazing virtual experience today — or several for that matter — at a fraction of the cost.


Carpe Diem

Virtual conferences, awards shows, galas and events are stepping in to fill the void of cancelled live events. To be sure, they are different from in-person experiences — in a good way — and just as rewarding. With the array of virtual entertainment and team building activities available, virtual events engage your teams in fun new ways, some of which even live events can’t offer. Perhaps the greatest benefit of virtual events is that they can be planned and executed quickly at nowhere close to the cost of live events — translation: cost-effective, connected teams, meaningful experiences and steady momentum.

Need some ideas? SongDivision’s array of music-driven virtual experiences has been touted in Forbes and is in demand by Fortune 500s worldwide for virtual events of all shapes and sizes:


Virtual MCs & Musicians – Engage and entertain attendees as our world-class MCs and musicians liven up your virtual events with all of the excitement of a late night show! [Learn More]


Summary Song – Commemorate a great event with a custom song — written and performed during your session — that perfectly captures key moments and entertains attendees. [Learn More]


Remote Team Anthem – Unite your teams anywhere in the world easily and cost-effectively with an online interactive songwriting session led by world-class musicians. [Learn More]


Don’t be like Guns N’ Roses and lose the momentum you’ve spent years building up. Keep your teams engaged and celebrate your purpose and core values together with virtual events. What are you waiting for?

Get more musical ideas for your virtual meetings & events.

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