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This past month Hard Rock International announced BreakOut®, a collection of experiential offerings provided by a select group of partners, including SongDivision, to elevate their MICE programming. Hard Rock’s BreakOut® program expands on the brand’s most popular in-room amenity offerings, such as Sound of Your Stay® and Rock Om®, amplifying these interactive experiences for MICE audiences.

“On the hotel and casino level, we have been utilizing brand programming for years, and now, we are thrilled to announce that we are transitioning those premier experiences over to our meetings and events,” stated Danielle Babilino, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing for Hard Rock International. “This transition would not be possible without the help of our partners, who have assisted in recreating our unmatched offerings to ensure that they are custom-catered to our friends in the MICE community.”

SongDivision will be providing our full offering of music-fueled Team Building, Conference Openers & Closers, and Corporate Entertainment to enhance the Tracks® component of BreakOut®, including our renowned Song Slam and Team Anthem experiences.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Hard Rock, a globally recognized leader in hospitality and entertainment who, like us, is dedicated to bringing people together using music,“ said Andy Sharpe, Founder & CEO of SongDivision. “It’s a perfect match.”

Additional providers include School of Rock, Jeff Nolan, Scratch DJ Academy, Tangible Formats, Drum Cafe, DJ Drez & Marti, and Clean the World — each of whom, along with SongDivision, were specially selected by Hard Rock to deliver unique components of the MICE offering.

“Each partner brings something unique, a win for MICE audiences seeking to add just the right musical experience to their Hard Rock meeting,” said Sharpe. ”We’re proud to have been selected for our expertise in uniting teams around their purpose.”

The partnership is active at all Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos worldwide creating a seamless, one-stop-shop for event planners seeking a music-minded experience. Hard Rock Hotels promises unique meeting spaces around the world, all fully equipped to create a polished, professional event — turning ordinary meetings and events into ‘Anything But Beige’ experiences. For more information about Hard Rock Hotels, visit hardrockhotels.com.

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