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We’ve all complained about the music being too loud at events. Even though event organizers know attendees want to have conversations and get to know each other, the music volume still tends to override the room. So what can you do about it?

For starters, ensure everyone producing the event knows its purpose. AV crews typically aren’t briefed about why guests are attending the event, and a little insight can go a long way. Prior to the event, meet with the AV manager to discuss the purpose of the event. If they know, for example, that networking is an important goal, you won’t have to tell them to turn the volume down every two minutes.

Secondly, take the time to rehearse with the music. Whether it is piped music or a live band, work with the AV crew and rehearse the music that will be playing when the ballroom doors open, during dinner, and when the CEO hits the stage. Move to different areas of the room during rehearsal to ensure the volume level is appropriate from all angles. If you’re using background music, have a casual discussion with a fellow team member during rehearsal to ensure everyone can talk comfortably without straining. If its the big opening number, make sure it has impact without bursting eardrums in the front rows. As simple as they are, these steps are often overlooked and can save you a huge headache, literally, at your next event.

Taking the time to set expectations with the crew and rehearse the music will ensure the music volume is right where you want it and give your guests a great experience.

Speaking of loud music, for a good read, check out this article from ABC Science confirming that modern pop music actually is louder than music of the past and all sounds the same.

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