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The IMEX team have been using the power of music to build relationships since their Las Vegas launch in 2010, where we first had the opportunity to partner with them. Ever since, SongDivision has been called on by IMEX to deliver musical experiences that break down barriers and communicate key messages.

Each year SongDivision runs an interactive Leadership Keynote for IMEX’s Future Leaders Forum, where attendees quickly develop strong relationships via collaborative songwriting. Interaction through music, whether listening or playing, is scientifically proven to release chemicals in the brain that heighten our creative, strategic, and collaborative abilities, putting attendees in the ideal state of mind to build relationships and engage in more effective conferences.

In addition to accelerating the ‘getting to know each other’ process, attendees experience first-hand how productive, and truly enjoyable, a group session can be. Each year alumni from the Future Leaders Forum, now active professionals in the industry, drop by our booth and recount fond memories of their first IMEX experience. It is this level of recall and enthusiasm that prompts IMEX to utilize musical experiences over traditional powerpoint presentations, and to continue to partner with SongDivision annually to inspire future leaders of the industry.

Current industry leaders are equally inspired by music. In 2016, SongDivision brought ‘Back Seat Karaoke’ to the show. IMEX CEO, Carina Bauer, was the first to take part, followed by leaders from MPI, SITE, Maritz, and more. Through music, they each revealed more expressive and playful sides to their personalities, which can often become subdued in the corporate setting. This effectively broke down traditional barriers, creating a stronger emotional connection between themselves and their audience, especially when highlighting industry challenges and opportunities during the interview.

In addition to exhibiting, SongDivision played a large role at this year’s IMEX Frankfurt exhibition, delivering our keynote on ‘Creating a Culture of Innovation’, and providing acoustic entertainment and our 3-minute ‘InstaHits’ during coffee breaks and networking events. To cap things off, our world-class musicians served as the house band for the IMEX Gala Awards Ceremony, playing presenters and award winners onto the stage, followed by two hours of live entertainment that kept the dance floor packed.

“We have worked with SongDivision over the past 10 years in a number of capacities – By IMEX in Frankfurt 2018 we were using SongDivision every day of the show. The culmination, and the biggest event, was the IMEX Gala Dinner. We knew that we could count on the SongDivision team to make it a great evening – we’d seen them in action before – but I was truly delighted at the amazing responses we got from our guests to the band. So many people came up to me after the event and told me that it was the best band we’d ever had!” – Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group

With proven results and overwhelmingly positive feedback, the IMEX team relies on the science of music to engage and entertain attendees for its industry-leading events, and so should you.

Interested in bringing interactive musical experiences to your next meeting or event?

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