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800 of the insurance industry’s top achievers celebrated and connected at IBAA23, the Insurance Business Australia Awards, hosted by the one and only Merrick Watts at the Fullerton Hotel in Sydney!

As the team building and entertainment partners, SongDivision engaged the audience using music and kept everyone moving throughout the night with ourGala Awards and Party Band‘.

But the highlight was the ‘Custom Song‘ that was created on the night.

Our team of world-class session musicians, who have worked with everyone from John Farnham, to Aerosmith, to Guy Sebastian, guided attendees to write an original song using the event’s key messaging and award winners to craft the lyrics.

The attendees chose the style of the song, ‘reggae’ – and the end result was a tropical triumph!

Check out the highlight video below to hear the finished tune, and see if you can spot some fabulous moves on the dance floor.

From team building to L&D programs and interactive entertainment, SongDivision are the pioneers of music-based experiences that strengthen corporate culture and have been called on by Fortune 500’s in over 30 countries since 2003.

If you’d like to talk to one of the SongDivision team about creating unforgettable, bonding moments for your people, get in touch.

Unite your people with your own Custom Song!