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For global businesses, there’s no denying the uncertainty that hangs over 2021, but it’s not all bad. Uncertainty is where great businesses thrive — it’s the playground of opportunity, not to mention the playground of music. Throughout history, music has seen us through uncertain times by inspiring us, bonding us together, providing meaning and a sense of community, amping our spirits and giving us purpose. And yes, it can do the same for your business, now.

The late composer Aaron Copland once said, “So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.” Music is intrinsic to human culture. We depend on it as much as it does us. It can represent an individual, a group, a moment, a movement or a generation, and has done so since our earliest civilizations. So how can it help your business in 2021?

In It Together

The global pandemic has us all second-guessing our strategies and questioning our timelines, and left unaltered, this uncertainty can create some real challenges for businesses. The key to moving beyond these challenges and identifying opportunities lies in forming a collective understanding of why your company is in business in the first place — your purpose.

Arm your team with this knowledge so that it becomes the foundation of every decision, and you’ll find the innovations come pouring forth. Not only does your purpose serve as a consistent point of inspiration, but also a reminder of the beliefs that bond your team together.

Music & Purpose

A company’s purpose can be a powerful motivator, but it requires regular communication in order to be effective. Whether you’re defining, reintroducing, or reinforcing your purpose, doing so with music is proven to create deep emotional ties to your messaging while developing stronger relationships among your people.

Neuroscientist, Dr. Alan Harvey, demonstrates how experiencing music with others increases levels of Dopamine, Oxytocin and Cortisol, resulting in greater motivation and attention, trust and relationship development, and decreased stress, respectively.

SongDivision’s award-winning musical programs are built on the very same scientific principles that Dr. Harvey discusses, uniting your teams around your purpose while creating a deeply memorable experience. Top requested programs for virtual sales kick-offs in 2021 include:

Remote Team Anthem – An interactive songwriting session enabling your team to create an original song about your purpose alongside global rock stars. [Learn more]

Broadcast Band A live soundtrack to your virtual events performed by world-renowned musicians with all the feel and energy of a legendary late night talk show. [Learn more]

Song Slam – A virtual ‘Battle of the Bands’ where your teams write and perform original songs with global rock stars to express your company’s purpose. [Learn more]

Turn the uncertainty of 2021 into an opportunistic playground for your business using music to rally your team around your purpose.


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