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Meeting Professionals International (MPI) had a taste of SongDivision’s brand new six-part L&D program, ‘Team Harmony’ – which is both a leadership program and an immersive team building experience.
The attendees at this webinar collaborated on the 3 principles from the first module, ‘Team Cohesion’:
1. What are your colleague’s special strengths?
2. What motivates your colleagues?
3. What are ways to establish trust in your team?
Music was used to anchor the learning, resulting in a completely original song created by the participants, with a little help from SongDivision’s world-class musicians who included: Angus Clark (Cher, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Damien Horne (Keith Urban, John Legend) and Natalie Murphy (Terri Clark, John Pardi).
Thank you MPI team for rockin’ with us! Let’s make some more great music together again soon.

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