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There’s no doubt that music festivals have taken the world by storm, as has demand for consumer experiences in general. Music festivals allow us to experience new ideas, collaborate with others, and be entertained all at once — sound like something you should be incorporating into your events?

Recently, Cvent Social Tables and PCMA described the trend toward the ‘festivalisation’ (or ‘festivalization’ for those in the US) of meetings and events to attract today’s corporate teams.

With thousands of music festivals taking place worldwide, and with Millennials accounting for nearly half of those in attendance, the music festival format is an ideal platform for today’s meetings and events.

According to PCMA, “[e]ngagement is everything and event professionals are scrambling to find ways to connect with attendees by creating an environment where people want to be. With conferences borrowing elements from music festivals like Glastonbury and Clockenflap or fan festivals like Comic-Con, we are now seeing live music, comedy, celebrities, fantastic food, and interactive experiences at business events” [source: PCMA].

Cvent Social Tables echoes this sentiment, predicting that performances and entertainment can boost audience engagement for both small-format meetings and larger-format conferences [source: Cvent Social Tables].

There are countless examples of festival-style meetings and events popping up worldwide, such as Forbes’ Under 30 Summit, SXSW, UltraSingapore, Winter Music Conference, and ChinaJoy to name a few. Each offers inspirational speakers and an unforgettable line-up of entertainment.

Meeting Design Institute is also in the mix, promoting their FRESH Conference as ‘Conference Meets Festival’ and using live performances to enhance education about innovations in the meetings & events industry. This year’s Conference focused specifically on the ‘festivalisation of events’ and its unique ability to engage all five senses for attendees, truly immersing them in the experience. SongDivision participated in FRESH Conference 2019 delivering our keynote on Innovation, while weaving a story throughout and creating an original song about the event. We were also fortunate to win an award for innovation as an outstanding ‘Artistic Tool’ in the meetings & events industry.

Cvent additionally predicts that successful meetings and events will be gauged on the collection of experiences offered and creativity demonstrated.

As you seek to plan epic events in the coming months, SongDivision’s collection of Team Building, Openers & Closers, Entertainment, and Brand Activation programs can provide the festival atmosphere you’re after with world-class musicians and inspiring presenters.


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