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MoneySuperMarket + SongDivision



MoneySuperMarket gives its customers clever ways to save a lot, by doing very little. But, when it came to uniting four teams at their newly expanded product engineering hub in Manchester, the company wanted to do a lot for its people — and of course, it had to be clever! They settled on an ‘Amazing Race’ style event to create strong bonds while helping teams to explore their new surroundings. SongDivision was brought in to deliver a bespoke Team Building offering, providing the MoneySuperMarket team with music-fueled entertainment and challenges at each step of the race. Part Team Anthem, part Rock & Roll Game Show, part Live Band Karaoke, all fun!

After dividing into groups, the MoneySuperMarket teams took to the streets of Manchester following clues and navigating through each of seven (7) musical challenges. First stop was the ‘Headbanging Challenge’ where teams strapped pedometers to their heads and banged out a set of impassioned head nods like true rock & roll fans! Next, they were off to another part of town for the ‘Music Quiz’, where they had to correctly answer questions in order to move on. Third on the list was an epic ‘Dance Off’ in the streets of Manchester, where, in the spirit of MoneySuperMarket, teams competed like true champions putting their best dance moves on the line for all to see. Stop number 4 was the ‘Busking’ challenge, where teams linked up with some of SongDivision’s finest UK musicians to play and sing tunes in the streets to passers-by. Continuing on their journey, teams next took on the ‘Rhythm Section’ challenge, before making their way down the home stretch to the final challenge of the day, the ‘Team Chant’. In this last challenge, teams created short anthems together that were later compiled into an overall Team Anthem to commemorate the day’s themes.

Having solidified new friendships and riding hight, the teams all came together for a big celebration with food and much deserved drinks! The entire day was a huge hit, full of energy, music and experiences that will last a lifetime!


“Thanks so much to SongDivision for an amazing event! People really enjoyed themselves and I couldn’t have hoped it would go any better.” MoneySuperMarket

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