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Completed by the UK/Europe team in February 2021.

In early 2021, Congrex were searching for a way to elevate energy and generate engagement at AO North America’s One AO 2021 virtual conference.

The conference saw over 350 virtual attendees joining from 61 countries. SongDivision were tasked to create and perform a summary song that wrapped up the program highlights, keynote speakers and messages from the day.

To bring this upbeat and fast paced song together two of SongDivision’s talented musicians Sam McNeill (Award-winning facilitator for Fortune 500s) and Tom Billington (The Killers, Depeche Mode), collaborated with attendees to extract the memorable themes and moments.

The unforgettable tune was then performed at the end of the conference to celebrate the event and solidify messaging in the minds of attendees. It was hugely successful and received great feedback.

Thank you to Congrex for your continued support of the science of music, and to AO for writing an incredible song with us! Let’s make some more great music together again soon.

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