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Participating at the same level as full-time employees is one of the most common challenges interns face. They’re expected to jump into jobs immediately, especially in large companies. And they want to prove to their teammates and leaders that they know how to do the work. This can lead to a lot of stress, both in the interns and leadership.

Interns are important for an organisation’s overall success. In fact, 62 percent of interns end up working for the companies where they interned. These seasonal employees offer organisations several benefits, like fresh perspectives, increased productivity, and expanded leadership opportunities for full-time employees.

With that in mind, let’s look at one way you can use music as part of a positive and successful intern program.

Team Building Through Songwriting

Scientific studies have shown that music creates trust between people, increases bonding, and evokes positive memories. A Song Slam session from SongDivision is one experience that hits all three of those points and can set your interns and team on a path of success.

Imagine the Song Slam as a battle of the bands. Groups split into teams that work together to write a song. For an intern program, lyrics could be based on company values, goals, or missions. We can work closely with you to determine what to write about. Also, no songwriting experience is necessary. SongDivision’s world-class musicians easily lead teams through the experience.

It’s through writing and performing these songs together that teams quickly bond, define their purpose, and remember concepts unique to your organization.

The teams come back together as a group after all the songs are completed. Each team then gets on stage to perform the song they wrote. Chosen judges or crowd response determines the winning song. At the end, the whole group unites to sing the winning song’s chorus, and everyone feels ownership of the song.

And this isn’t just for the interns themselves! You can also include managers and leaders in the Song Slam. So you’re not just bonding the interns, you’re creating cross-generational connections and quickly strengthening rapport and connection between your existing team and your interns.

A Positive Investment in Your Company’s Future

The experience is customized to your team. If they love competition, SongDivision plays on that in a fun way but brings everyone together. If you don’t want the competition, rather than a battle of the bands, it’s framed as writing and recording the company’s E.P. or playlist.

This highly engaging and interactive 2-4 hour workshop can be done virtually or in person with a full backing band. If you’re pressed for time, SongDivision’s Team Anthem experience may be a good fit.

SongDivision has worked with leading organisations in the past to deliver experiences for interns that train, bond, and engage the group.

Connect with us to learn more about how we can help your intern program be a positive and memorable investment in your company’s future.