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Meet Rhys Tolhurst, SongDivision vocalist, guitarist and keyboard pro! Rhys is based in Australia and has a playlist for daily life, from the most epic ‘Sports Hype Up’ playlist to a ‘70’s Soul/Funk’ movie star driving list. Find out why Rhys is so passionate about music and why he loves the challenge of working with SongDivision clients.

Name: Rhys Tolhurst

Instrument of choice: Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar

My first album: Confessions by Usher

What is it about music that you love? What was the initial spark e.g. a song or band?

I used to listen to a lot of early 2000’s R’n’B as a kid and I was almost as obsessed with it as I was my basketball! There was a certain feeling that hyped me up about the harmony, the chords and the general vibe – I still can’t explain it.


How do you think music brings people together?

I believe music is as important as water. We’ve seen it unite people; we’ve seen it tear hearts apart… just listen to an Adele record! I think when two people dig the same artist or song, they feel connected automatically. Even though the song or artist most likely means something totally different to each person, it works like magic in bringing people together. All you have to do is get two people banging their head or tapping their feet to the same song and suddenly they’re assumed to be on the same page. That is the power of music.


Why does music work for team building?

I think most people see the art of making music as an amazing yet mysterious feat. One they are curious to experience – when something is new to you, it’s like looking into a new world. Naturally, after any experience of singing, dancing, or creating something together – you leave feeling a little bit closer.


What is your playlist ‘must’ to get motivated or pumped up?

I believe life needs a soundtrack! Before I exercise, I’ll play the most epic ‘Sports Hype Up’ playlist or when I’m driving and I need to feel like I’m in a movie, my go to is ‘70’s Soul/Funk’.


What is your favorite aspect of being a SongDivision artist?

I love what SongDivision stands for. The concept is super unique and as a writer/performer it keeps me on my toes. When you experience SongDivision and you think, “How is he not stressed to get this done under pressure,” – I am, but it’s worth it. I love seeing people’s reactions, it’s a great time!


If you could describe the SongDivision experience in three words, what would they be?

Surprising, Hilarious, Memorable.


What is one of your favorite SongDivision memories?

My favorite experience was writing and recording a song on the fly at the AIME conference in Melbourne. It was a live demonstration of how I’d record a song in a studio, but I was literally tracking guitar, vocals, synths and drums, into Logic Pro live on the expo floor. I’ve never done that before.


What is your favorite:

Happy place song: ‘Renegade’ by the Paper Kites

Song you can’t help but sing: Any song by John Mayer

Song that motivates you: ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake