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SongDivision UK/Europe recently hosted a very special showcase exploring the science of music and how it can inspire great leadership.  Acclaimed mindset strategist and author, Frederique Murphy, was on-hand to discuss concepts from her new book ‘Lead Beyond the Edge’, and the crew from SongDivision expanded on the theme with music-fuelled energisers and an interactive songwriting session that captivated attendees.

SongDivision’s world-class musical hosts for the session included: Sam McNeill (Award-Winning MC/Facilitator for Fortune 500s), Tom Billington (The Killers, Depeche Mode), Vivien Conacher (Accomplished event producer, Royal College of Music graduate, Opera Australia) and Frederique Murphy (speaker and author).

Thank you to all attendees for exploring the science of music with us! Let’s make some more great music together again soon.

Check out the video recap above, and download the full-length track below…


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