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Capture your purpose in a song

Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication. With today’s businesses focused on building a strong internal culture while competing for top-of-mind awareness, never has it been more important to find meaningful, engaging ways to express your brand purpose.

Our custom songs are written by world-class songwriters who use your messaging to craft music and lyrics that distinctively represent your brand. Each song is professionally written, produced and recorded, and can be delivered to you in a number of formats including a shareable digital recording, a live performance at an event, or via a live virtual performance or broadcast. They can be purchased one-off or in convenient 4x and 12x bundles to keep your teams rockin’ to your key messaging throughout the year!

Whether you use it to amplify your on-boarding processes, to celebrate achievements, as an anthem to unite your teams at meetings and events, or as a soundtrack to engage customers through your marketing efforts, let your brand be heard with custom songs from SongDivision.

Popular Custom Song Uses


  • Training & on-boarding
  • Internal commutations & updates
  • Celebrate company achievements
  • Celebrate teams & individuals
  • Creatively represent office locations & regions
  • New product/service roll-outs
  • Brand refresh announcements
  • Engaging content for website, social media & blogs
  • Sales pitches & proposals to potential clients
  • Day-making for loyal customers & clients


Save up to 64% per song with our subscription plans and use custom songs year-round for all of your communication needs. Prices listed represent universal amounts for USD, CAD, AUD, SGD, GBP and EUR.

Custom Songs_1x Plan_Original Music for Companies_SongDivision

Custom Songs_4x Plan_Original Music for Companies_SongDivision

Custom Songs_12x Plan_Original Music for Companies_SongDivision

*Savings based on 1x Plan rate per song. Taxes apply where applicable. Subscription plans must be used in full within 12 months from your subscription start date. Professional recording includes vocals and up to 5-piece instrumentation (e.g. guitars, bass, drums, keys/piano, and backing tracks) and is delivered in .mp3 format. See SongDivision client executive for details.

“It was a beautiful song, a wonderful welcome, and it’s been a fantastic day!”


★★★★★ – Sir Richard Branson, Virgin


“The song was a total hit! Everyone loved it, and we even had one attendee comment that it’s a contender for the Billboard 100!”


★★★★★ – PepsiCo


PepsiCo Logo_color

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